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At TCCStucco Repair, LLC, we have over 20 years of experience in the stucco and home makeover industry. Our stucco siding installation services are available in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.

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If you’re looking for a stucco siding company in Houston, TX, look no further than TCCStucco Repair, LLC. Our stucco installers use high-quality materials with help from experienced professionals to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Our team installs to manufacturer specifications and ensures that your home will be up to city code. In addition to our stucco siding installation services, we offer free estimates, so you can see how much it costs before you commit!

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Different Types of Stucco Installation

Our stucco installers can work on two main different materials, such as:

  • EIFS Foam Board: A waterproof substrate consisting of foam board, base coat, fiber mesh, and an acrylic finish.
  • Hard Coat Stucco: A material made of Tyvek Moisture Barrier, paper-backed metal lath, cement scratch coat, cement brown coat, and an acrylic or sand finish.

EIFS foam board materials are typically used for commercial buildings, while hard coat stucco is typically for residential properties. Both materials can be utilized together on certain preferences and surfaces.

We Also Offer Balcony Repair and Waterproofing

Often Balconies are installed improperly, which can lead to water intrusion that will cause major damage to decking, rafter, and main supports beams. Having the proper flashing, drain reliefs, and waterproofing is key to protecting your balcony. If you want to protect your investment in Houston, TX, and prevent damage before it happens, contact us for a free repair estimate of your balcony today!

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